terça-feira, 1 de março de 2016

Here the game is clean!

Sexy Magazine January 2016
A dream come true!

Thanks to all my followers who are helping me in voting in NapsGear! Although some people think I'm cheating, I sleep quiet. For I do not do anything that day do not let me sleep at night. If I have thousands of people who walk every day with me, I'm a blessed and lucky in life! Haters and bad losers will always exist, but do not stumble in the failure of people of that level. I'm just, I'm honest. I never had to play dirty and I'm sure thatt I will never do that.
Thank you my love for all patience with me onte today, tomorrow and always!
Alone I get away, but together I get away, hard and fast!
Thank you for me my followers on Instagram, on my channel, on my twitter, by becoming eye daily in my Blog and visit me in Camerahot!
It is you who make my day. If I am WHAT I am, it is because from the beginning you are part of my story!


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Pedofilia é crime!!

Pedofilia é crime!!